NFT Return Maintenance: How to identify and clear a return clog

Signs of a Clog: The first sign of a potential clog is the presence of excessive amounts of water in the NFT return troughs. If you notice that there is more than the typical ⅛ to ¼ inch of water in the bottom of an NFT return, this is a potential sign if a clog.  […]

NFT Return Maintenance and Root Care

NFT Return Maintenance and Problem Solving: NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) is an excellent system, but is prone to several issues if not well maintained.  One such issue has to do with returns, the open sections of pipe at the rear of each NFT level. The end of each rail is inserted into the open return, […]

[TriBeCa] Trash, Recycling, and Composting Instructions

Composting + Recycling to begin 8/3/2017! Here are some details: No trash to be put out until after 5pm daily. If you guys are leaving before 5pm, please slack Nic/Dana and we will take care of it Cardboard, trash, and recycling days: Every day except Sunday evening Compost days: Tuesdays and Thursdays only. Please place […]

[Tribeca – Gym] DWC Tray Cleaning Protocol

Turn off valve going to DWC for entire rack. With wet vac connected to floor drain (or sump pump), pump out the full volume of water in the tray. The purge pump still running, use hose connected to sink (or faucet on back wall near the computer) to fill in fresh water. Prop x3 corners […]

[TriBeCa] Dishwasher Protocol

WHERE TO PUT DIRTY DISHES Remove organic matter and put into organic matter waste bin Fill up dishwasher first, prioritizing 5x5s If dishwasher is full, put dirty dishes on “dirty only” rack. Stack like items together to save space If “dirty only” rack is full, put dirty dishes in right sink basin   USING THE […]

Floor Cleaning

Mopping floor and spraying with pesticide if necessary