Daily Routine

Hand-Watering Microgreens – No System Attached

Fill sprayer with ONLY cold tap water below the MAX line and close cap tightly Pump the air pump as much as needed Inspect the solid white garden tray for standing water Dump out the standing water (if any) to avoid molding Remove the humidity dome (if any) from garden tray Spray until growth medium […]

Checking Planted Batches

Examine microgreen garden trays daily in the morning during room tasks Confirm the trays are in the right position and the correct growing medium Move the germination trays from dark cycle to lit system once the seeds started sprouting Check for dry medium, mold, bad smell, mushy seeds, excessive stem stretching, wilting Notify the Shift […]

Dealing With Microgreen Growth Quality Problems

Checking for Problems Examine microgreens frequently to check for quality issues: Spots on the leaf Stretching sideways Significant mold or fungus Curled or damaged-looking leaves Dry or burnt leaves Brown or discolored leaf tips Contaminated substrate Algae overgrowth Poor or extremely slow growth Poor or failed germination Example: This amaranth shows spotting, curled/damaged leaves, and […]

Log Seeds

Logging new seeds incoming to farm

Folding Farm.One Boxes

Boxes MUST be ready-to-go before harvests are complete, so that they do not have to be folded at the last minute. Use the correct technique to fold boxes to save around 40% of the time. Fold boxes in batches of at least 20 to avoid wasting time setting up. Speed Run:

Replacing DYMO Printer Rolls

Watch the video above for a quick and easy guide to replacing rolls. If a roll runs out mid-print, make sure to check for missing or duplicate tickets.