Data Collection & Technology

Using the Scanner

To use the scanner to scan invoices and other items, take the following steps: Remove the scanner and USB cable from the bin underneath packing room bench (with the laminator) Plug in the USB cable to the SIDE of the Dell computer monitor (don’t unplug anything) Open the BrotherDS620-> DsMobile Capture Software Click “OK” on […]

Log Existing Seeds

Log into Seedstock in database and view “Log New Seeds” Scroll to the end of the page and search for product name Make sure the produce name matches EXACTLY i.e. “Sorrel Green De Belleville) – Baker Creek Heirloom” Enter company (FO/Tribeca) Enter # of seed/weight or both if available Enter date received Create new entry […]

Adding a Customer Account to Shopify

We can allow customers to place orders on Net 30 terms (i.e. paying via invoice) through Shopify. To do this: Ensure the customer has filled in our credit agreement Tell the customer you are adding them, and they may receive emails from Shopify (so they don’t get surprised). Hi X I’m adding you to our system, […]

Creating a Multiple Choice Quiz

Log into TypeForm using the access details provided to you. Create a quiz based on the content from the article you want to test knowledge on. Grab the embed code for the form: Visit “Share” in TypeForm Choose “Embed in a Web Page” Under “Embed Code” choose “Get the Code” and copy the code inside the […]

Create a new Seed Record

IMPORTANT: Before creating a NEW record, double-check that there is no EXISTING record with a slightly different spelling. It is very complex and time-consuming to remove duplicate records. Visit the Seeds “New Seed Entry View” table in Airtable Make sure the view is sorted by name Scan the list and find (CTRL / CMD – F) to check for […]

How to add a Knowledgebase Article

To create Knowledgebase articles, you need permissions to access the WordPress Admin site. By default, Farm Hands do not have this level of access. Log into  Roll over “Articles” on the side navigation, and choose “Add New” On the right-hand side of the screen, choose the right Category for this article. Do not add more than 2 […]

Updating Currently Available Items in Shopify

To update what’s available in the farm right now, log into Shopify and move products in and out of the collection “Available for Next-Day Delivery”: Visit and log in with your username and password. In the left-hand menu, click on “Products” and then “Collections”. Click on “Available for Same Day Delivery” Use the “Products” […]

Log Seeds

Logging new seeds incoming to farm

Printer Troubleshooting

If the DYMO printer has problems: If Label/Ticket Previews DO NOT display on the Run Harvest Page, check that there are items the DNE_NEVER_EVER_DELETE view. If the view is empty, there may be a problem with the data inside Airtable. Ask the Farm Manager to review. If Label/Ticket Previews DO display on the Run Harvest Page, there is a problem […]