Harvest Done Protocol

All packed containers are labeled correctly Packed containers grouped by client and arranged in columns on packing-room table Any sample boxes contain all sample items + marketing material (Sales Manager’s business card, product list, ordering form, testimonials) Airtable has been updated according to any changes in supply (i.e., unable to supply, any quantity changes)

Harvest Ticket Printing

Log into Line items <DNE_NEVER_EVER_DELETE Open firefox and login into Run Harvest Click preview of Harvest label and make sure the number of labels matches the number of the line items in database Print out and harvest per the instructions on ticket

Harvest Multiple Items with One Hand

The goal of this process is to reduce the amount of time taken to harvest many small cuttings such as borage flowers or nepitella stems. To increase harvest speed, multiple cuttings can be held in one hand before placing into the container. Cut and hold as many items as you can SAFELY without damaging the crop. Violas […]

Harvesting Microgreens with Scissors

For cutting microgreens, it is very important that the scissors are sharp to avoid tearing the microgreen stems. Currently, the Oxo kitchen shears in the packing room mise en place bin are best for this job. Load the receiving container with a pre-moistened berry pad. Hold a clump of microgreens from the tops — out of […]

Using the Electric Knife to Cut Microgreens

Space prep: ensure that you have at least one arm’s length between you and the next closest person. Remove any obstructions or unnecessary objects from your station. Before you begin cutting, announce it to the others working nearby. Everyone in the area should be aware when the electric knife is being used — and they should […]

Creating a Gift Box for Tasting Tours

Our Tasting Tour visitors get a free gift box. These boxes should: Look great! It’s important each item is presented well in it’s sleeve. Contain a variety of different colors and flavors Use items that are NOT immediately needed by clients To put together a Gift Box: Grab a folded Farm.One box Use the mid-size PLA sleeves […]