Harvest Label Printing

Log into Line items <DNE_NEVER_EVER_DELETE Open firefox and login into Run Harvest Click preview of Packing label and make sure the number of  packing labels matches the number of the line items in database Print all labels at same time and separate into small containers based on individual restaurants Double check the label name matches […]

General Packing Protocol

Double check that the harvests on the packaging station matches the Line Items> Today’s harvest view (Click here for ScreenShot) Sort and package the larger harvests from hotel tray carefully into final container with a slightly wet berry pad (plastic side up) Pruning carefully the entire process to rid of undesirable plant matters and make […]

Creating a Gift Box for Tasting Tours

Our Tasting Tour visitors get a free gift box. These boxes should: Look great! It’s important each item is presented well in it’s sleeve. Contain a variety of different colors and flavors Use items that are NOT immediately needed by clients To put together a Gift Box: Grab a folded Farm.One box Use the mid-size PLA sleeves […]

Folding Farm.One Boxes

Boxes MUST be ready-to-go before harvests are complete, so that they do not have to be folded at the last minute. Use the correct technique to fold boxes to save around 40% of the time. Fold boxes in batches of at least 20 to avoid wasting time setting up. Speed Run:

Replacing DYMO Printer Rolls

Watch the video above for a quick and easy guide to replacing rolls. If a roll runs out mid-print, make sure to check for missing or duplicate tickets.