Transplanting, Plant Care & Pollination

Microgreen Care Protocol

Mold / Foul smell: Create NOTE on specific BATCH with progress shot. Describe the mold color, smell, location, etc. Spray with hydrogen peroxide solution. Use the HDX spray bottle. Use about 1:3 ratio of HP:water. Test spray on small patch of organic matter. If it starts to bubble, then the strength is sufficient to use […]

Dealing With Microgreen Growth Quality Problems

Checking for Problems Examine microgreens frequently to check for quality issues: Spots on the leaf Stretching sideways Significant mold or fungus Curled or damaged-looking leaves Dry or burnt leaves Brown or discolored leaf tips Contaminated substrate Algae overgrowth Poor or extremely slow growth Poor or failed germination Example: This amaranth shows spotting, curled/damaged leaves, and […]


Hand-watering microgreens and plants germinating without automatic watering