1. Enter Reservoir Tests tab in Airtable

Create entries with the codes of all the reservoirs to be tested in this session

How to insert a database test row

2. Test Each Reservoir

  1. For each reservoir, stick probe end of BlueLab truncheon into reservoir water, halfway deep into the reservoir.
  2. Once light starts flashing, pull out truncheon.
  3. Log EC scale value into ACTUAL EC column
  4. If light is blinking between two values, log halfway between the two values
  5. Turn on pH PEN and remove cap
  6. Place halfway deep into reservoir
  7. Allow 20 seconds for reading to normalize
  8. Log pH scale value into ACTUAL pH column
  9. Log temperature value into Temperature column
  10. Rinse off probes. Return cap to pH pen and return to shelf.

3. Apply doses if necessary

  1. Only dose if EC Instruction and/or PH INSTRUCTION fields show a value other than zero.
  2. Get clean graduated cylinders
  3. Check nutrient type from reservoir table [ELABORATE]
  4. Have a side towel ready for drips
  5. Refer to EC Instruction and pH instruction columns for specific reservoir.
  6. Pour nutrient liquid into graduated cylinder up to level indicated on EC INSTRUCTION column
  7. Pour nutrient liquid into reservoir
  8. If pH INSTRUCTION is positive (>0) use pH UP.
  9. If pH INSTRUCTION is negative (<0) use pH DOWN.
  10. Pour pH fluid into graduated cylinder up to level indicated on PH INSTRUCTION column
  11. Pour pH liquid into reservoir
  12. Rinse graduated cylinder in sink.
  13. If using a two-part nutrient, divide EC instruction in HALF and apply those parts individually to the reservoir.
    DO NOT MIX nutrients together outside of the reservoir.