1. Double check that the harvests on the packaging station matches the Line Items> Today’s harvest view (Click here for ScreenShot)
  2. Sort and package the larger harvests from hotel tray carefully into final container with a slightly wet berry pad (plastic side up)
  3. Pruning carefully the entire process to rid of undesirable plant matters and make sure to face all plants in the same orientation
  4. To harvest microgreens from rockwool cubes: place the tray to be harvested in a  white solid tray.
  5. Tear off (careful not to squeeze) one cube of medium and carefully pull apart a small piece of the rock wool without damaging the plants
  6. Use a clean towel to hold on to the cube with the tore off side facing down and use a clean shear to cut plant as close to the root as possible and let harvest drop to harvest bin
  7. Clean shears between harvests
  8. Place a slightly wet berry pad (plastic side up) in the final container and carefully package the microgreens harvest
  9. To harvest microgreens on rockwool cress sheet: use a trowel or putty knife to scoop out the entire rockwool sheet and place on top of a solid white garden tray placed upside down.
  10. Grab a small handful with hand (nondominant hand) and use a clean shear to harvest as closely to the roots as possible and place inside the final container (with a slightly wet berry pad inside) facing the same orientation
  11. Check in with SM if the suggested packaging is not suitable for the harvest (too small or too big)
  12. Review, weigh/count, and package into final container and make sure the lids do not crush the plants on the edges
  13. Print out the final product label and put them on the final container
  14. Group harvest into restaurant groups
  15. Mark task as complete in database and clean up harvest area, wiping down tables with sanitizer