1. Fill sprayer with ONLY cold tap water below the MAX line and close cap tightly
  2. Pump the air pump as much as needed
  3. Inspect the solid white garden tray for standing water
  4. Dump out the standing water (if any) to avoid molding
  5. Remove the humidity dome (if any) from garden tray
  6. Spray until growth medium is saturated (approx 10 sec)
  7. Spray the inside of the humidity dome lid
  8. Replace the dome lid carefully to avoid splashing large drops to seed/plant
  9. If mold is visible: spray with hydrogen peroxide in dilution (1 : 5 = 30% H202 : H20 ) using the spray bottle. (Make sure you see bubbles form on the mold, that will indicate if the peroxide concentration is strong enough)
  10. If seeds have sprouted (are showing baby leaves) then move the tray into another position in the light.
  11. Update database accordingly.