Hygiene Protocols for Harvest and Farm

Observing overall Hygiene & Safety Standards-

 Know how to prep room including sanitizer bucket

  • Add sanitizer solution to water in a 10/1 dilution ratio.

Know how to set up dishwashing triple-sink

  • Left side filled with water and sanitizer solution (10/1 dilution ratio) for soaking, right side of sink is for scrubbing and spraying, and the shelves are where the dishes dry.

Know how to keep side-towels clean

  • Side-towels are only used for wiping counter tops?

Know how to clean & dry trays after packing

  • First soak the dirty trays in the sanitation sink (left side). Then, rinse off any soap or dirt in the right side. Last, let trays dry on the rack next to the sinks.

Know how to clean/sanitize tools after harvest

  • To clean/sanitize tools after harvest wipe/wash the dirt off of them then let them soak in the sanitation bucket (small red bucket).

Know how to tidy up, clean floor, clean rafts, 2×4 trays, NFT rails

  • Think of the packing room and gym as a kitchen in a restaurant; everything should always be as orderly and as hygienic as possible.

Putting everything away in the right place

  • Everything has a special place where it should go. Please read the labels located all around the farm to learn where it goes.

Re-stocking consumables/cleaning items during harvest

 Tying up and emptying compost bin correctly

  • Please tie up the trash bags so as to limit spills and leakage. Check the schedule each day to know which trash should be taken out daily.