1. Log into Seedstock in database and view “Log New Seeds”
  2. Scroll to the end of the page and search for product name
  3. Make sure the produce name matches EXACTLY i.e. “Sorrel Green De Belleville) – Baker Creek Heirloom”
  4. Enter company (FO/Tribeca)
  5. Enter # of seed/weight or both if available
  6. Enter date received
  7. Create new entry for each bag of seeds by copy and pasting the row of information for each pack
  8. Open “Purchase Order” tab and look under the view “Received Seeds”
  9. Check to see if the seed stock is part of an order
  10. Once determined the seed is under  “Received Seeds” change status to “Received” and the entry is automatically filtered out of the view
  11. Notify the Shift Manager / Farm Manager if there are any discrepancies
  12. Go back to “Seed Stock” < Log New Seeds View and file the seeds away to the storage bin based on the seed number
  13. Complete the task under task list