If biostrate, measure + cut 5×5 squares with shearsTake stack of 3 sheets, place into quart container of diluted peroxide (if 3%, 50:50 peroxide-water, if 30%, 5:95 (tbs per quart))
Squeeze out stack, dip into low-dose nutrient water
Place into 5×5, into 1020 with holes, into 1020 without holes and plant

If coco husk, cut segment of cheesecloth to fit 5×5 tray. Fill to top with coco/perlite mix. Place 5×5 into 1020 with holes, into 1020 without holes.
Add clean water to 1020 tray so it fills from bottom to top of tray.
Let sit so that all coco is saturated.
Lift perforated 1020, out from outer solid 1020
Place perforated 1020 into clean solid 1020 tray
With towel, clean off excess coco husk on outside of 5×5 trays / inside perforated tray.

Start planting