Mold / Foul smell:

  1. Create NOTE on specific BATCH with progress shot. Describe the mold color, smell, location, etc.
  2. Spray with hydrogen peroxide solution.
    1. Use the HDX spray bottle.
    2. Use about 1:3 ratio of HP:water.
    3. Test spray on small patch of organic matter. If it starts to bubble, then the strength is sufficient to use on plants. If it does not bubble, add more HP.
    4. Only mix up enough HP solution for one day’s use. HP loses potency quickly.
  3. 3-5 minutes after the HP is applied, mist with clean water.
  4. If possible, remove humidity dome / cover tray to allow the surface of the growing medium to dry out a little bit (but not to the point where the seeds dry).
  5. Double check the humidity level before leaving at the end of the day and mist with clean water if needed.
  6. Use HP treatment everyday mold is visible.
  7. If after 3 days of daily HP treatment, the problem persists, then PURGE and REPLANT.

Dry out:

  1. Create NOTE on BATCH with progress shot.
  2. Mist with clean water over top to the point where the growing medium is saturated.
  3. If on the following day the crop has not recovered, then PURGE and REPLANT.

Pest damage:

  1. Create NOTE on BATCH with progress shot. Identify the specific pest (catch pest with clear tape, observe under handheld microscope).
  2. Use Wondercide spray on equipment near infected crop.
  3. Use Wondercide on a humidity dome (inside and out) and place on top of the infected crop.
  4. Quarantine affected crops. (Location TBD)
  5. Sanitize hands, tools, etc that came in contact with affected crop.
  6. If on the subsequent day, the pests are still visible on the crop, then PURGE and REPLANT.

Dark cycle sprouting:

  1. When hand-watering, any BATCH in which more than 50% of the seeds have sprouted, remove solid tray on top and replace with clear humidity dome.

Removing Humidity Domes:

  1. Remove humidity dome when true leaves appear and the roots are well established in the growing medium — generally 3-5 days after dark cycle.
  2. If the tray is very close to a large circulation fan, do not fully remove the humidity dome.

Stretching / leaning:

  1. Create NOTE on BATCH with progress shot. Describe the pattern.
  2. If solid tray is on top, remove and replace with clear humidity dome.
  3. Move batch into an area with direct overhead light.
  4. If the stretching / leaning is severe on a crop that is intended to be sold LIVE, then REPLANT.
  5. If the stretching / leaning renders the batch unusable, then PURGE and REPLANT.