‘- Keeps seed pack in dry location (tray, cup)- Pours out seeds, do not over-pour, into dry container (e.g. cup)
– If planting single seed per site, using tweezers
– If multiple seeds, use tweezers, or dampen tweezers so they stick to it
– Alternative to tweezers is to use suck/blow seed
– Extra dry seeds to go back in packet, packet goes back in bin
– Wet seeds to be planted or discarded
– Alerting if seeds running out or damaged, incorrect count
– Take tray away from seeds/dry area to safe-to-spray area
– Spray with clean water from spray bottle
– Place batch tag in appropriate place
– Pick up by inner tray, place into germinator/dark area
– Place humidity dome (or dark dome if instructed)
– Log germinator position in Batch table