1. Open Database > Batches >DNE:Planting View for the “Number of Sites”, “ # of Actual Seeds”, “Growing Container” to determine what kind of growing medium and type and size of growing container
  2. Retrieve the seeds based on Seed Number
  3. Take a small plastic container and put it on a scale and tare
  4. Put in seeds slowly until desired weight is reached
  5. Close the seed container with a clean lid to avoid contamination
  6. Repeat the seed weighing process for number of trays needed for the batch
  7. Print out a batch tag based on “Print Batch Tag” instructions and keep it close to seed container(s)Take out the number of appropriately sized perforated tray as indicated by “Number of Sites” (and stack into a 10×20 black perforated tray if needed for easy handling) and stack them in a white solid tray
  8. Cut cheese cloth to cover the entire bottom surface of the perforated trays up to the edges
  9. Cover with 1.5 inches of  coco husk and perlite medium
  10. Fill white solid tray with water
  11. Submerge perforated tray into the solid tray until medium is saturated with water
  12. Remove from white solid tray and transfer into a new white solid tray
  13. Distribute the seeds carefully onto medium covering the entire surface
  14. Cover with 0.5 inch of coco husk and perlite medium
  15. Spray with water until saturated
  16. Put the batch tag onto the germination tray
  17. Double check with database to make sure correct number of germination trays are prepared
  18. Update the user and position in Batches >DNE:Planting View> Update User > Position (SS) and this auto-filter the batch out of the Planting View
  19. Put tray onto a heating pad in dark cycle
  20. Mark task as complete in database and clean work area