If the DYMO printer has problems:

If Label/Ticket Previews DO NOT display on the Run Harvest Page, check that there are items the DNE_NEVER_EVER_DELETE view. If the view is empty, there may be a problem with the data inside Airtable. Ask the Farm Manager to review.

If Label/Ticket Previews DO display on the Run Harvest Pagethere is a problem with the printer itself. Follow these steps:

  1. Completely unplug the USB cable from the printer
  2. Completely unplug the power cable from the printer
  3. Wait 10 seconds
  4. Plug both cables back in
  5. Wait 1 minute
  6. Try printing again

If these steps don’t work, do the same process AGAIN and RESTART the computer at the same time.
It will take several minutes for the printer to restart and connect again, be patient.

If no Farm Manager is present & the printer won’t work:

You may need to use Airtable only to manage the harvest. Make sure you keep track of each item’s status in the Line Items view, especially the quantity of each item.

To print packing labels manually, use the Brother iPrint&Touch app on the iPad Mini to print individual labels. Follow this format:

{Product Name} – {Weight/Ct} – {Date}

e.g. Baby Borage – 1x 5inch Tray – 10/11/2017