Target Pests: Thrips, Fungus gnats, Shore flies

Frequency: Once per week

Dosing Location: Directly to all mature plants and growing media

Dosing per Farm:

  • 25 million pack: Gym / SG
  • 10 million pack: ICE

Safety Equipment: Rubber gloves

Dosing Protocol:

  1. Avoid using any sprays (nematode, Gnatrol, alcohol) on areas where predatory mites were distributed for at least 48 hours.
  2. Store nematode pack at room temperature for 3 hours before use.
  3. Dissolve the full contents of a pack into the largest available sprayer.
  4. Make sure contents is well mixed.
  5. Pump sprayer and evenly spray full contents on tops and bottoms of plants and growing media.
  6. Rinse out sprayer with clean water and fill. After the nematode spray is dry on previously sprayed plants (~2 hrs), repeat step 5 with just water.
  7. Empty out remaining water. Return sprayer to storage.