Transplanting germinated seedling – DWC


  • Search for number of DWC rafts corresponding to the sites needed
  • Bring DWC to a working area (if cannot access directly in system)
  • Remove any foam plugs and wipe down the surface
  • Get enough clean net pots (no need for holes in the bottom)
  • Place the seedling with growth medium gently into the net pot without damaging the roots (detangle seedling gently if needed)
  • Insert the net pots into the sites snuggly
  • Insert batch tag onto new DWC raft
  • Move the raft into the DWC reservoir gently
  • Update the database Batches>Main View with new position, transplant date, and germination rate
  • Clean work area




  • Bring DWC raft to work station and remove any foam plugs
  • OR if unobstructed access, then transplant within raft space
  • Wipe down surface and put clean net pots into the holes
  • Gently place the seedling into the net pots to avoid root damage
  • Replace DWC raft to reservoir and update position in database