Transplanting seedling – NFT Rail


  • Take a clean nursery rail and a put NFT windows on the feed end of the rail
  • Plug the last two holes on the opposite side of the feed end
  • Put rail into system
  • Hook the feed line up immediately and make sure the water runs down center of rail
  • Adjust water pressure using water pressure knob if needed
  • If using net pots with neoprene inserts, make sure each net pot has a hole on the bottom
  • Place net pot with neoprene inserts or just neoprene inserts firmly into the rail so the bottom touches the water
  • Put the batch tag on the first neoprene insert near the feed end
  • Update the database Batches>Main view to record the transplant date, germination rate and update the equipment location
  • Search for new rail number and link as new position (SS) and open position to link it with the equipment number (SS)
  • Mark the task as complete in database under Tasks




  • Prepare a clean NFT rail and put on windows and plug the last two holes with rubber stopper
  • Place rail into the NFT raft and hook up the feed line
  • Check the water pressure and adjust if necessary for a steady water flow
  • Place net pot/neoprene insert firmly into the rail and make sure the bottom contacts water
  • Update new transplant location in database